Pavanne Jewelry will donate 5% of every purchase in September & October 2017 to help Houston animal flood victims


  I have been very concerned for all who have been affected and displaced by the Harvey flooding in Texas and Louisiana.  Therefore, I will be donating 5% of every sale in September & October 2017and possibly longer to this small animal sanctuary called Rejoice Ranch. They are taking in large livestock and small animals who have been displaced by this horrible flooding. 100% of the donations are spent directly on the animals.  To donate directly to the sanctuary, click here for their gofundme page

Watch this video to hear a little bit of their story and what they are working on. 

I may shift the donations, elsewhere, as time goes by.. However, the donations will be focused on helping the Harvey animal flood victims.

Please help any way that you can whether it be financial, with prayers and positive thoughts and/or volunteering with your physical presence. So much help is needed.

~Thank you, Lorelei