After27 years of metalsmithing of jewelry-making,  I have been developing more and more chronic pain from my jewelry work. I had developed a posture that was curled in around the shoulders and one shoulder pulling up higher towards one ear. I am only 47...how was I going to look and feel at 50, 55 62 and so on?   

Since 2014, while working at the jewelry bench, I would have a whispering thought... what about a yoga certification? even if it just means intensifying my own personal practice...what about that?  No, really what about that? I said to myself.  Well,  I knew with enough consistent yoga practice I could undo a lot (and hopefully all) of this 'metalsmithing' posture and begin to feel and look a whole lot better.        

So, being of a very curious mind, I did some research and found a yoga teacher trainer who was getting great marks from her previous teaching students just an hour and twenty away. They said that she was great with the details and that's me too! They said that she was thoughtful, compassionate and intelligent, too. The list goes on and on really... So, I started a correspondence with her in late 2014, inquiring about the training and liked her welcoming nature and consistency in response.   The next piece was that training dates ... 10- three day weekends them...would have to fit into my jewelry show schedule and they ALL did!   I took it as a clear sign that the Universe was encouraging me to take the plunge! And so I did!   It wasn't a process for the faint of heart but I am so glad that I gave what was needed to power through the training.  The benefits and the growth for such an undertaking have been showering on me from the first training module and they continue to ripple outward. . I didn't realize how much joy there was to be found in teaching yoga! Seeing the relaxation and peace fall over the students, as we move through the poses, is so touching and rewarding!

I received my 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Certification on April 17th, 2016 through the Desert Yoga Therapy Teacher Training School in Palm Desert.  Jayne Robertson is my beloved teacher for this training.

And, I am now offering Hatha Vinyasa flow style yoga classes that are inclusive, expressive, thoughtful and heart-centered where laughter is welcome! I focus on exploring sensation through yoga asana and breathwork. My classes allow for each student to find their own personal practice within each lesson in their own safe way. And since variety keeps things fresh... each class will be unique!"

Currently, I will be leading classes in the Morongo Basin, California and possibly the areas around Palm Springs.

My own personal yoga practice andteaching directly supports the longevity of my jewelry-making career.I still LOVE doing my metalwork and the yoga is going to help me continue doing so!:

Lorelei Greene