Sickness is a Gift


I realized this morning, as I was eating breakfast, that I have not shared the  profound change in my thinking on complete health, therefore, LIFE. I am still following the road that keeps unfolding to a brighter way of living. If anyone has been reading the previous entries, you may have seen the seed pod opening.

When I say 'complete health', I am talking about mind, body, spirit & overall our entire being is connected. If we are not well in one area or have an addiction, it definitely effects other parts of your 'being'. For instance, if you have chronic digestive ills, then you will definitely have immunity problems and this condition may say something about your previous & current stress level, as well. Ongoing anxiety and stress will chip away at immunity. So, now you have not only a digestive problem, you most likely have emotional unrest & a necessary lifestyle change.  With all of these ailments, it will be difficult to be truly happy.  How can you make healthy choices for yourself in this state of prolonged unhappiness ? It effects all areas of your life work, relationships, etc. This unhappiness leads to apathy, lowering your interest in life, in general. It is a slippery slope.

My new views on sickness & entire wellness have blossomed mostly in working with Pat Mckay, - homeopath & nutritionist of 30 years, on Sparky's dis-ease condition & my own. Yes, she works with people and animals! And, remarkably I have never met her in person, all of her guidance has been through email. Though, we have talked on the phone for immediate needs.

Traditional medicine teaches  that arthritis and allergies are conditions that can't be cured, so you are prescribed a medication to 'mask' the symptoms! How can a band-aid really help, if you never plan on taking it off?  Not so, with homeopathy ... no masks... you want to see the symptoms... they are telling you something very important!  Just beyond the mask is the way to the cure. Don't resist the irritation or pain, let it come through you, so that you can be clean of it.  The cure may be something as simple as a deficiency, not that that can't have big effects on your wellness. She has helped me see the whole picture, you can really can get well & not settle for 'conditions' !

This blossoming has lit up all parts of my self. Yes, there are dark spots still, but because of the increased lightness, I can see them better & know these areas need work. Just like disease spreads, so does wellness. Pat has taught my 'sickness' is a good thing! because without it we wouldn't know we were not well! So, we welcome the symptoms that come up with the different homeopathic remedies., as they are the indicators to weakened areas of the body that are healing. When you work with these concepts daily, it can not help but make you healthier, cleaner and 'lighter'.  Friends, who saw Sparky at this sickest, are stunned at his change in health!  As soon as, I stopped taking him to the vet and giving him Prednizone and other drugs, for his 'allergies' (mis-diagnosis), he became a bit healthier. When we got him to the clean, raw meat diet plus cooked particular veggies & vitamins suggested by Pat, he was on the right road. He was such a miserably, sick dog.. constantly licking, scratching and biting himself in places, literally 'irritated' through his whole being 24/7.  Now, he rarely chews or bites himself and he has much peace!  Seeing his change in health and demeanor, I was more than tempted to ditch my own irritated state and get to know this peace & brightened living.

I could say I don't know where this road is taking me, but I do!  ... As long as, I continue to live 'conciously' by choice and not habit, as much as possible, I know that  I am going to a healthy place full of beauty & wonder. Being kind to ourselves is utmost important & staying fluid.  Faith & creativity are my lights and I remind myself that I only need to see a few steps ahead.