Kali arrives on a bird, in a stone and in a reptile's shell


I had intended to post this blog article sooner but I am glad I waited because Kali showed up and it explains the message of the 3  mentioned just below.

About 3 weeks ago...  I found an entire snake skin, then a large hawk swooped dramatically low to my windshield exposing its snowy under feathers the next day, and then a moonstone mysteriously appeared in my jacket pocket... I couldn't help to think some message was being delivered... but what did they mean?

Then, we  took a mini getaway to the beach recently, and the rest of the meaning was revealed. It was extra breezy at the ocean and I put on my scarf but it had a strange odor.  So, I went in search of another. At the store, I was drawn to a pinky peach one with an interesting trim pattern. When I opened it up, Kali was inside.

On a particular trying day a couple weeks ago at a show,  I called on a protective, female force and here she is!  I have been drawn to Kali for a long time. She is a fierce mother goddess who often is depicted with blue or black skin with her tongue thrust out in surprise standing upon Shiva her consort.

With some research I discovered moonstones promote emotional stability. Hawks are messengers from the spirit world and are attributed to focus, clarity & taking action.  When a snake crosses your path, it represents transformation and healing. You can see the picture being revealed here. Healing to become more empowered and more effective in all facets of life. I am grateful and embrace this new phase. I am curious where it will take me in my work and the rest of my life.