Absorbing Happiness

Absorbing Happiness


Lapis is thought to wear away melancholy. It was a highly admired stone in ancient Egypt & Babylonia. I feel the grounding energy from this stone and it is easy to imagine it being the sapphire of the distant past.
If you've chosen the pink opal option: Pink opal is known for its emotional healing abilities, as well as, its power to renew and aids one on their spiritual path. It is a stone for the sensitive.

Double-sided. Oxidized.Hand-fabricated and hand-textured sterling and brass bar leads to lapis lazuli OR pink opal in organic-cut with bezel that is wired through stone. Soldered sterling links.
Pendant L= 2 1/2"
*These are natural stones and therefore, vary in cut, patterning and color.*

Comes on an oxidized, adjustable 28" American-made modern brass chain with a finishing bead at its end.

Arrives in it's own gift wrap of a muslin bag and a info card that includes the 'ingredients', care info and mini art bio.

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