Finding My Way

Finding My Way


Double click images to see full piece.                                                                   Mysterious, beautiful, unique iolite  glowing with midnight, cocoa and deep purple tones suspend from hand-fabricated, hammered sterling rope with brass circles and moonstones w/ 24kt gold vermeil topping them. Soldered links. Oxidized. L=2; W=.25"

Iolite, often referred to as 'the Viking's Compass" , as it was used by Leif Eriksson and other sea-faring vikings to help locate their position on the high seas. It is a also stone for those who want to grow their imagination and intuition. If you are going on a journey, spiritually and/or physically, this stone will be of great use to you!

This piece comes in its own muslin bag stamped with my logo. Each piece gets an ingredients card where I list all the materials, along w/ a mini-bio and care info.

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