No Final Destination ~ Chapter 5

Romantic eye bracelet set with vintage crystal in hand-fabricated navette, hand-fabricated sterling and brass rings. Swarovski crystal beads.

Choosing to be an artist to make my living, has required me to use all of my gifts and skills.  Though, I don't know how much 'choice' is an option. Before I was self-employed, working for other companies and organizations felt like I was in the wrong place.  I felt like an automaton most of the time.  To be a successful, self-employed artist, you must keep all your receptors clean and open.  By taking this path, I have discovered that  I am stronger, more inventive and more determined, than in my previous life, working for other people. But, I also have found my  weaknesses more clearly and I work at transforming them, daily. Many are stubborn and frustrating old nags. They show me, they too can be strong, if I let them.

Though, I have learned much and built a wide variety of skills in doing my artwork and running a business, I know have much, much more to learn. I have found it is better to stay humble, open and focus on what  I don't know, to keep the fountain flowing.

In the last few years and especially in 2014, I have found that the presence that was with me, when I was little, is with me, again.  Whether this God, Spirit or energy is in me or with me, I am not sure. When I am in 'flow-mode', there is something very deep going on. In "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron, which I am doing round 2 with, Cameron urges to connect with their 'Creator'. I see this happening quite naturally now.

  I am not bored yet with exploring my ideas in jewelry. And I doubt that I will ever be, as being an artist you are constantly required to keep turning over new stones. I am driven by  curiosity.  Solving metal mysteries on the solo and discovering what is on the hidden side of the stone is what empowers and propels me forward on my artist path.

This is the final chapter, though, there are more details that I could've painted in.

Many other topics have brewed-up, since starting the chapters of "My Jewelry Story". I have bought more tools,  a lot more personal growth and a lot of awesome changes for my husband and I, too. Thus, there are a lot of gems to share in these recent bursts of change. But , you will have to wait until October 15th for the next posting.

I will keep to the bi-monthly postings  at about the 1st and 15th of each month, if you want to continue following me on my journey...



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