Hand-fabricated, mixed-metal butterfly ring set with  vintage crystal navettes & rose-cut rounds.

Hand-fabricated, mixed-metal butterfly ring set with  vintage crystal navettes & rose-cut rounds.

PAVANNE's  10th birthday escaped my notice, as it was a whirlwind year for business, creativity & personal growth. January 4, 2015 was the 11th anniversary for PAVANNE.  So, cheers to the eleventh one!

Many people have inquired what Pavanne ( pronounced PUH-vahn) means and why I use this word as a jewelry name. A little back story first... From 1990-2004, I sold my work under the business partnership, Brook & Ivy,  with  friend, Traci Kraft.  When I decided to do the jewelry full-time and Traci wanted to do something else, I needed to come up with a new name to sell solo. 

Being a lover of music, dance and layered meanings, I chose the word, 'Pavanne', a song title from the movie,  "Orlando". When I first heard this sacred-sounding song, I got chills.  This string-filled march is stately yet, has a breathy quality to it. I loved this bold form enmeshed with the soft, fragile-sounding, organic quality.  I felt if I could be represented in sound, this is pretty close to what I would sound like.

I researched the term and found many meanings for it, across many cultures Pavane with one 'n' was a European, processional dance from the early 1500's.  Dancers would wear their finest clothing and according to some, they would stop,  vogue and show off their fanciful clothing. As this dance style lost popularity, the word was used as a music term.  Another source cites, it may have originated in Spain from pavon, meaning peacock.  I love peacocks, they are living artworks. With this much wonderful imagery conjured, I had found my new business name.

But, there would be more synchronicity with this word...   three years, after I had chosen Pavanne.  I, met a man from India named Pavan. He pronounced it the same as Pavanne. He told me that in Hindi it means 'wind' or to 'give life/birth to something'.  That news thrilled me!  What are the chances of meeting someone with the same name?  Perfection!  And, I feel kindred to much of Indian culture. So, this was even more perfect. There is my story of why I chose this melodic name with its many tales.




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