Keeping the Line Dancing

Flowing with 'Elfin Edge'. Hand-fabricated brass & sterling w/ sterling post based earrings.

Keeping variety in mind in all aspects of life is key to maintain flow and wealth in all areas of life. With this thought, I am creating my Fall Collection. Rather, than just delving in and rushing to make my new pieces by a certain date; I am always conciously looking for different ways to say what I mean in my work. It is important to say where I am at, too, and then reflect on how my state may connect to a certain set and/or universally.

When developing a new line, I carefully mine supplies searching for what is unique & striking to me.  I, obsessively, juggle colors, textures, shapes  & sizes until I have a set of materials and ideas that have relationships to one another. I, also, look at my last line and see where I left off, as that as important to me, to link all my 'stories' or 'lines' together. I strive to have some kind of consistency in my work. I, often imagine the pieces as separate dots that I am trying to connect.

While my pieces are meant to be timeless and I am a total sucker for nostalgia, I am also interested in tagging them with a bit of 'now'. So, I check in on current color trends, and keep them in the air around me as I develop the new set.

The 'colors of the moment' do say something about where we Americans are psychologically, as well as, where we have been and are going. I like the idea of my working reflecting some of 'the moment', too, as that is where I was at, while creating.