"Jewelry-creating is a meditation to me. I began myself-taught adventure into metalsmithing in 1988. I passionately hand-fabricate each piece in my California Mojave Desert studio just 30 miles east of Joshua Tree. Sometimes, Sparky,  our sweet, black dog joins me in the studio.

I adore the singularity, variation & grace found in nature, along with the look of items touched by time.  I love the character that texturing, patinating and patterning brings to metal.  I carry these inspiring elements into my work. 

My great-grandfather was from Bohemia and I am very drawn to the music, crafts and art of Eastern Europe.  Naturally, there is a 'Bohemian' under-current in my pieces, too.  I see 'Bohemianism' as a way of seeing things and going about things differently than the main line of thinking.

I hand-fabricate mixed-metals rose gold-fill to brass pieces to be used in my designs. I set my works with crystal, pearl, stones, vintage cabochons. My items are made 1-by-1 without casting.  Also, Isetobjects from the 1700's-1980's that are getting set for the 1st time in my designs!   I have a great appreciation for little details and the old-fashioned way of making things. In my work, you will find an attention to detail.

I am eco-minded in the creation of my jewelry pieces, too, from using green, recycled metals to my packaging materials.

My pieces are available through galleries and boutiques in the US, as well as, the 'shop' feature of this site, and public art events."

Modeling in the Amboy, CA salt flat.

Modeling in the Amboy, CA salt flat.

Sparky and I on a day off outside the studio.