Returning to Stardust

Returning to Stardust

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Many friends are in a period of learning about letting go and transformation ...myself included. Many loved ones have passed onto the next realm this year.  Recently, I was given a commission to make a piece that looked like a dandelion gone to seed. In test-making this piece, it made me realize how important it might be to make a piece(s) to wear for comforting ourselves and for the remembrance of our loved ones departed.

One side is set with vintage fish-scale like pattern in blue, green, purple & mauve reflective shades. The other side has a strike illustration made by me of a flower going to seed on sterling. American-made, adjustable brass chain. Blue chalcedony drop will vary in cut and from lighter/milkier blue to brighter blue. The illustrations are one-of-a-kind, so please expect variations. I will work to make them most similar to the one posted here.

Adjustable chain=28"

L=2 1/2" ; W= 3/4"; Chain (Brass or sterling)

This piece comes in its own muslin bag stamped with my logo. Each piece gets an ingredients card where I list all the materials, along w/ a mini-bio and care info.

Stone dangle:
Chain metal:
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