Key Necklaces

Key Necklaces

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​I created these key necklaces with the intent that if you have a question that needs answered... you just put on your key necklace and the answer will come to you. I chose animals mainly for them because animals follow their instinct & don't have a difficult time making decisions. I included a key with a cherub, in case, you wanted to ask for divine guidance with a particular inquiry.


Reproduction brass key necklaces  w/ sterling mix details, brass charms & Swarovski crystals OR vintage glass below. Swarovski crystal dangles on some. Adjustable 30'' vintage brass chain on each one.   * The keys and the charms are sourced from US made metal in antique dies. I love that this use is keeping the old dies alive!                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Cherub:  L= 2 7/8"; W= 1  1/8" ​
  • ​Elephant: L= 2 7/8"; W= 1  1/8"
  • Cat: L=3 1/4''; W=1  1/8''
  • Bee:  L=3 1/4''; W=1  1/8''
  • Peacock: ​ L=3 1/4''; W=1  1/8''
  • Owl Trio:  L=3 1/4''; W=1  1/8''

These pieces come in their own muslin bag stamped with my logo. Each piece gets an ingredients card where I list all the materials, along w/ a mini-bio and care info.

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